I Turn a Gardener

The garden looks uncouth

ups and downs in the driveway,

thud, thud go the vehicles.

intermittent patches of grass

high and low, a semblance of 

a beard with tuft and stubble,

stones and pebbles strewn around

 deliver it unholy.

To work affordable, I design

 a lengthy lawn, measuring 

100 feet by 5 feet, royal palms 

stand as warriors each ten feet apart,

 aloe Vera both green and red, play

the role of helpers on either side 

of palms, portulaca around the palms,

act as  colourful  subordinates.

Further away, shrubs of Jasmine,

Chandini, stalks of Oleander, orchids 

gaze at the sky, Rose beds punctuate 

 the driveway, On the Northeast, Ishanya 

 Bilva with three leaves, denoting ‘

the three eyed Shiva, Tulasi, Vishnu’s 

 favourite and Nagalingam tree find home,

Completing the distinguished placements, 

I retire for the day,