Two Green Trees

A tree with a lot of potential.

Saw through a window 

 two plantain trees over and above

nestled they close to each other 

looked like affectionate brothers

their leaves seemed to bid

 their greenery was one of mirth

the potency was one of great wealth

 not that of monetary in a sense 

but that  much of gregariousness

compiled with thought in diligence

the leaves store a lot of chlorophyll

long and broad at the same time 

enough to hold many a dish in fill

their flowers are most unusual

look they towards the  earth in a dual

have a unique colour of their own

a blend of red and pink in tone

hold they inside a store of values

medicinal to the most in a clue 

drive they the toxins from body

its stalk seem so tender 

yet  have great qualities to render

they too have a strain acclaimed 

 befit they to  the fame

nurture they the medicinal properties 

 fit enough to expel the kidney stones 

the bananas that come out  in stock 

turn golden-yellow in a block

savoury they are all the more 

delicious and sweet  they are 

eaten fresh or made into a milk-shake

become a curry when unripe  

whilst they are still green 

sauté with chilly and salt

fried deep or baked soft 

A gifted plant  or a tree whatever 

 you might call  with pleasure 

a sight lovely to look at 

with awe and gratia  true.





 plantain tree

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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