Pin Head Drops

There is a drizzle out there
drop by drop come the rain
not big ones as I wish
tiny as pin heads they fall
wanted it to last for a time
disappeared in a few seconds
a disappointment gross
not only to me sole
to my plants too on whole
starved they are full
to my trees also still
look they parched
to my lawn entire
seem they very yellow and dire
to my ground in strain
appear scorched and drained
Would not the rain come?
I cry along with my entourage
No sign of rains in the round
a hot humid weather all around.

rain drops


The Cherished

The most expensive produce

I thought a decade before

something precious

it was wonderful

glitters and gleams all through

the one thing I deemed most cheap

liquid simple found in plenty

no shine or no reflection

a colourless, odourless fluid

transparent and very useful

excelled in the aspect of utility alone

a decade later I find a difference

the costly one still remains so

whilst the no cost product

has gone up enormously

most so in value all over

to the point I deduce

it is the diamond that is held high

the plain water has overcome

rather overthrown the diamond

defying all expectations

scarcity mounts up

the paucity creates a demand

most cherished and dear it has become

most cherished