The Rains Come Finally

The day is a shine and a dine
with a clouds almost in nine
the weather seems to be fine
with the rain almost to pour
the drops come in four
thunder descends in a roar
the clouds draw to a close
the sky engages in blows
the drizzle sets in with no force
lightening strikes with a blind
the battle is fought with a bind
the vapours burst out from hind
the rains fall down in torrence
a struggle in exasperation
Well! it turns out to be an inspiration.

rainy day



The environment as such
only few trees in bunch
no other greenery around
trees too very old in the round
proposebrook without water a sordid outlook
by the side of a brook
with very little water
no birds to chatter
looks so desolate and dull
seems like a murder in all
with no life around in the call.