Over The Head

Over the head 
lies a sword  
dangles to and fro
about to descend any time  
comes the wind in a blow 
the sword falls down with a thud 
not on the target  as expected 
but down below  with a blare  
be it an end of danger 
a symbol of significant peace
the head escapes unhurt 
the taint remains  unfazedover the head.



There is  in my country

 impetus to every scheme

with the noon meal in schools 

 to the school bags  and slippers 

there runs a long list  in stretch 

comes there the  job for all

 extend one hundred rupee 

an hourly basis routine 

along with that noon meal 

 few more indices 

a television set  for the needy

 free power to the poor 

 seat allocation for the backward  class

in schools and colleges 

 age relaxation for the schedule  tribes 

in admission and retirement 

 a  discreet case study grades 

all these to a level of defunct