High Spirits

The crowd in high spirits 

 is not drunk so to say 

 stands very sober in a way 

 not intoxicated by whiskey 

 as many close


 Happiness is the nectar

entices an exaltation 

send a high spiritshypnotic vibration

that goes beyond  the realm 

a sensation transcendental

felt only when experienced 












An Opening Of Necessity

A door lets the world in
comes there the noise and bustle
finds entry the good and the bad
moves there the unwanted slowly
a door is an opening of necessity.

Like to have no door at all
closeted within  oneself securely
letting out  none from outside
suppressing any from the inside
a door  is an opening  of necessity.

Like to have a narrow outlet
with the requirements to come into
a stop of the undesired  with a force
a limited open to the outside
a door is an opening of necessity.

Like to have a door of my choice
let alone the good into
drive away the bad out of the way
a lovely entrance to the inner and outer
a door is an opening of necessity .


The Meet.

There was a meet a fortnight ago

a family meet  in the go

where the cousins 

converge and diverge

enter they in high spirits

come out with demoralized ethos

their egos on display

the power reigns supreme

the wealth takes the reign

as in all society

there are classifications

the superlative shadows the rest

a prowess of strength in a show

nothing concrete on the go

talk they of their ancestors

year in and year out

Is it the way to commemorate?

I really do not know .

I am part of the family

an onlooker for a few years

now mostly out of it

nothing personal as such

the audacity overwhlems

that be their way in style

a protest becomes impossible

with certain stipulations in sway

that be my status

a Hameltian dilemma

“To be or not to be.”

 meet the family