All Along.

Life less of activity

being mine for years

I like very much  brevity

hate very much the  tears .


I live  in my own way

being so all through

I wish to be gay

like to be always true.


I am an anachronism

could not tag with my kith

I feel they are away from realism

as they speak between their teeth.


I now and then talk about myself

a habit that I have imbibed

well, could be a reveal of my inner self

as it overwhelms I have to  circumscribe.







I Am Trapped.

I am trapped

caught in  the ambush

had  always been careful

now missed it anyhow

being   a slip unexpected

my milk  placed on the wall

had been destroyed

nay not, I am wrong

it had fed a whole lot

the monkeys had their share

followed by the cats around

all had my milk to the brim

rejoiced and danced around

while I stood hapless

gosh! would be  no tea for me

all through the day.