Not Being The One.

Not being the one in the fray

she kept herself away from the sway.

Not being one in the central stage

she stood away from the range.

Not being one in the  prime place

she  withdrew herself in phase.

Not being one in the front

she escaped from the brunt.

Not being one among the awardees

she was the one with no reward

that being her in a close

while this is what she chose.lonely-is-not-being-alone-but-its-the-feeling-that-no-one-cared.jpg




Hung The Clothes

Hung the clothes for drying

the suns rays came  penetrating

I could stand no more

just put them in four

rushed inside as quickly

went out after an hour  shortly

the clothes all in four

have dried up to the core

that being the strength  of the sun

to live in this  place  is not fun

calls for an unimaginable endurance

should be driven by a perseverance.01-green-project



My Abode.

I live in an abode

with cats and monkeys

in the  entire surround

sparrows  do hop and playsemidetached home

in the morning they abound

the dogs bark and whine

the nights are filled with such sound

on either side of me

live the Chinese with their families

opposite to me

there is an Indian man from the army

a little away from me

a Malay man runs a Nasi kandar  shop

I live amidst all of them

my English keeps me on top.



The Feverish Fret

The feverish fret over an occasion

provokes a laughter too much

the one who  is in a delusion

cannot confront as such

deputes not one but too many

they succumb to his pressure

come out with issues tiny

they not being directly involved

act on behalf and for the sake

not bothered about what evolves

nor hear or listen to  what breaks

the feverish man does the same

every way and everywhere he could

unmindful of the  reputation and name.Worried Man clipart