Gone With A Wind

Gone with a wind

a way in a kind

no more of a bind

nothing much of a blind

comes not from the hind

as one has to find

leave not the grind

the fear turns panic

the thought becomes static

the feel looks cryptic

would I transform into a lunatic?

nowhere  could I see anything informative

that be the way the wind blows

not being one that in a flow

where every other thing glows

not any one lags slow

a consequence of gone with the wind

causes a sequence of din

being one of the chaotic  kind.


gone with a wind


Calls From Friends

Calls from friends

keep one in trends

erases the bends

traces the ends

a lovely talk on the front

emanates without a brunt

let alone the mad hunt

I do entertain those  conversations

compelled to consider the  inhibitions

I do them without any reservations

could be that in a total calculation

finally I go to the end

exchange with a send

not allow anything in a fend.voice_calling








The Freedom

Walking with free hands

talking with free words

eating  every day a free diet

living a carefree  life

could be a blessing

not all are likely to get

those who are fortunate

do experience a lively  strength

a bliss almost heavenly and divine.freedom