Democracy is not only in the country

be it in home too anyway

the equality seen in the external

be imposed in the internal

democracy be it for the people

would be also be by the people

same could be held in sway at home

be it for the children all the same

be it by the children not in name

being the most challenging form

could  lead to a life of calm

both in the region outward

and  in the area inward

a diligence would create peace

an indulgence would lead to pieces

being a straight set of practice all the more

we have to work it to the core

a slight slide would result in a disaster

a slip would bring in a danger

could be said not of the nation

be that in the home with a reason

the ego be overwhelmed  between the siblings

would come to a stand of rivalry and misunderstanding

similar could be that of in the country

where differences rise up and cause an awry

the house makes a nation all the while

so that animosity be seen in style

well this  could be said of democracy on the whole

being that power to the people of great value in the roll.







It Is A Check

It is a check

could be one of random

could be one of a bind

yet it checks all with a scrutinizecheck

being one of not right or wrong

a customary approach to verify

being that of a routine

an eye on the  faults

a way to look at with a follow

nothing far beyond that in a scroll

a check and a refrain  in the stroll

a verify and a restriction be the goal


In Tandem

It was an evening of fun

having everything done

the commitments all in one

being accomplished  in all

could lead to something tall

be there a pressure of a call

had to compete with a fitness

having reached the height of greatness

the  strive being that of wellness

gone be the days of discipline

had to work with an incline

being that of one in line

I lead a life of seclusion

rejecting   any unwanted inclusions

a way of life I have chosen at random

could there be a strain and a suppose  in tandem?Two-Horses-Harnessed-In-Tandem-Pulling-A-Carriage-1883