The Prayer Of All

The prayer in earnest

could bring in cheer

would lead to no fear

lend a heart strongest.


The prayer with a thirst

could be for a desire

would bring in a pressure

earn a not so propitious  burst.


The prayer with a thought

be an outcome of an inclination

would usher in a deviation

give a strange proposition as sought.


The prayers do change things

whether they be in earnest

or out of thought or thirst prayer.jpg

shed not a glamour in all

render a requisition  in call.





Not A Visitor He Be.

Not a visitor he be

nor an insider he be not a visitor

he comes and goes

on and off he comes

not for the real sake

nor out of love sake

he  is there in all

be there without a call

could be for a curiosity

might he be an inquisitive

he comes and goes as often

know not for what in a soften

that be his way of getting to know

that be his attitude in flow

slowly he gathers the wool

then remains silent and cool

a fund of information in hand

well, he could share it with his band

a real danger  be alert and beware

never risk at the cost of his care.



That In Proportion

Heading towards a hill

the drive prolonged still

the bends  were  very sharp

traveled with a fear in harp

the undulation caused a sensation

could not be expressed in proportion

had to get through all the more

so as to reach the position in fore

the way the bends and turns go

the twists and curves all in a row

while the uneasiness lay there for long

the pleasure was lovely and not wrong

with that I head toward the top

hope I reach the place without any flop.plantation1.jpg