Eastward Ho

Azhagar sets out from the temple.
His palanquin decorated with flowers.
shines with a golden hue.
He reclines on a velvet. bolster
Crowds flock to capture a glimpse of him.
He is to give his sibling in wedlock to Shiva.
His entourage moves.
He blesses his devotees.

He carries with him a treasure,
comprising of Jewels and silk to honour her
He remembers the adolescent days.
Memories flood. His eyes turn moist.

Down the hills he journeys.
Pauses at intervals to meet the people.
His filial duties call him.

He speeds through the gathering.

He reaches Madurai.
Hears the ceremony is over.
He chooses not to cross the River Vaigai
turns eastwards disappointed.

Witnessing the carnival  every year
 I remain animated.  God’s grace is in abundance.