A Rowdy Chicken

One, two, three, four
the fowl come out from the coop
shaded crimson, olive, blue and yellow.

They cackle and chuckle,
scream at the top of their voice
cause a furore all too quick.

Soar high and swoop low, attack the maid.
Nudge the sleepy cook.Skip and dance
with the gardener.

They burrow the soil, feed on the worms
chase the bees, charge the squirrels
infuse life in every sphere.

A raven sweeps down clasps the crimson coloured
A stealthy cat pounces on the azure blue.
while a hound devours the olive feathered,
the golden is unscathed.

Days pass, the golden paint fades
the chicken looks royal
as he regains his white colour.

He nags, drives everyone mad.
Whistles loud. A naughty one he turns.
Meanders through the front and backyards.

Not long to be privileged
he contracts an infection.
Departs in his sleep saddening all.