Trend Setters

Lets, not the blistering sunlight escape,
a community, known for its culinary ability,
starts a process. A diligent one.

It  comprises all under the sun
that of mangoes, brinjals,
gourds, onions and rice

Sliced brinjals and gourds
cooked with tamarind, and salt
find themselves in the fierce sun, no sooner.
Miserable ones!

The mangoes have their skin stripped,

pieced with discrimination.
The seed, knifed in the midribs,
clings to the pulp.   Resemble golden nuggets.


Immersed overnight, they are left to dry,
It is rigorous and disciplined

The dried mangoes are a delight.
Mouth watering!

The  shredded, onions are blended with the batter
of urad dhal, chilly paste, seasoned with spices and salt
made into small balls are left in the sun.

A kind of  cookies!

Soaked grain is grounded to a refinement
supplemented with salt. Poured into moulds

the batter takes up various forms.
The dried ones are pasta.

An indigenous procedure carried on
through generations. They are the forerunners
of the modern packaged food.

Unfathomable technique!

No preservatives. added.

Economical and secure in genre
Conceptualised and followed.
A wonder!