The Old Town Outgrows.

My city has grown so large,
I perceive for the first time.

Not enthusiastic to go out on errands,
I shop for my clothing online.

Many parade personal beauticians, physicians
and jewellers.  I am proud of my grocer.

He delivers graded grains and cereals
Offers a formal concession to please me

Fruits and vegetable vendors
knock my doors. I rest happy reading.

For a change, I go to the commercial district.
Wow! what a transformation!

The growth is phenomenal. Madurai showcases
a line of malls and a string of skyscrapers.

The wonder lasts for an instant.
It irks. Old has given way to new.

The passion, the city manifested,
has passed on.

A veil shrouds the ancientness.
Madurai has turned ambiguous and vain.