The Mirror And Its Axis

I see a figure in the mirror
a girl of my age smiles
I return her affection
what more can you expect
from a three-year-old?

I stand before the mirror
The girl before me looks alike
I wink, she makes eyes at.
I enjoy the whims of the ten-year-old.

I spend time before the mirror.
Arrange my hair, enhance my eyes,
moisturise my lips. Go around in all lines
a part of the routine. Needless to saya quaint feel of sixteen.

I go to the mirror
Set the kumkum on my forehead.
That enough time  I have,
My baby cries. I rush.
A mom in her mid-twenties.

The mirror has grown distant.
I seldom go near.
The children claim attention.
Move everywhere yet nowhere
Middle age upbeats.

Long after, I stumble before the mirror.
A woman with silvery hair and a warmly smile
greets me. Who is that? I contemplate.
The truth is hard to face.
An old lady counting the days.