The Part Of A Trance

With my spirit elsewhere,
prepare breakfast.
The idli pot works without water.
So do the broth.
The water evaporates.
The pot and pan burn
sit unmoved.

The children
hasten to the kitchen.
Pperceive the situation,
the pot and the pan blackened,
the food charred,
the burner glows red hot.
stay untouched.

One puts off the stove,
the other removes the vessels,
the youngest throws open the doorway.
They are bewildered,
perhapsfeel I am braindead.

My physique is perfect.
I  remain unmoved.

They call me, rock me vigorously,
carry me to the bed,  make me relax,

No effect. They surround me.
My eyes draw a blank.
I remain static.
Soon, I fall asleep. It is their turn
They hold on uneasily.