Vedas, Bible And Koran

Veda directs us to be modest.
Urges to draw away from pleasures
Life is temporal. Renunciate desire.
Repose faith in God.
Do we observe?

Love thy neighbour as thyself.
the Testament teaches.
Do not tell lies. Forgive and forget.
Christ’s call reverberates.
Do we understand?

The Prophet is kind.
Pray five times a day.  vedasKill not anyone.
Comfort the needy.  Avoid harsh speeches.
The Koran emphasises austerity.
Do we exercise?

The Vedic chant is mechanical.
Biblical references are extraneous.
Mohamed’s  deal fails.
We go on our own.
Don’t we?

We hoard with covetousness.
Fight and play deceit.
Terrorism becomes a transaction.
Bloodshed sees a disaster.
Is it not?