Intact and fastened  I fly.  Of late, sleep overtakes me whenever I travel, be it any mode of transport. Once the vehicle gains momentum I lose myself. I am in deep slumber.  Woken by the gentle call of the hostess, I look around and could not relate to the circumstances that brought me here. I accept the vegan meals served. Take a bite. Then   Iremember the snacks I had packed  w hich is in the cloth bag. I get up and pull the bag out. Devour the crunchy snacks.  The flight is quiet except for occasional walk throughs.

I resume the siesta. In the middle  wake up to an announcement. Thecplane will land in another twenty minutes. “Oh! Where I am heading to?”. I am dazed. Try to recollect the events that have led to this journey.  However much  I attempt  I cannot makec out.

The plane  descends. The pilot manouevers and lands with discreet ease. We diembark and march our way to the Immigration. Standing in the queue I once again take efforts to find out the reasons for my long travel. Before I could reach the tangible clue, the officer shouts, “Next”. I  cross the yellow line. The officer looks at me. HIS eyes twinkle and I perceive a smile which progresses to a guffaw. ” My lady, what are you doing in this part of the world?”. I smile. He continues, “Do you know English?”.  I nod. He retorts,  “you do not know to say yes, but have come to this land from India all alone.”. I realise only now that I had flown by myself, Again I  smile at him. Annoyed mumbles and looks at my passport. Says ” I cannot deny entry as the credentials  are perfect”. I thank him  inchaste English. It is my chance to return his derogation .

I  move towards the gate. Blind to where Ihave to go. It is midnight. The wind is heavy. I  wrap myself with pallu of my saree. The cold bites. Few yards away, I spot an Accor Hotel. Fortunate to check in, I have a quick shower. The bath enboldens and I sleep with the heater on.

The sun peeps through the windows. I prepare for the adventure. The city, I am in, is Melbourne. I vacate my room and at the porchI switch on the Wys application, track the places to visit.Pushing my box I catch the tram and off I go.  The tram ride  is an experience. I visit the Botanical gardens, then witness a cricket test match  in Melbourne  cricket Stadium. In the evening sat by the Yarra river.The serenity is imposing.

The Great Ocean Drive fascinate.  The scenario with the hills  and sea on either side delivers  a rhapsodical exuberance. The twelve apostles stand in the sea. They seem to  preach. The Philiph Island is beautiful. The entry of the penguins, from the depths,invigorates. They rush in pairs, in dozens, in scores and finalyy hundreds.

Great! I  am done. Have explored Melbourne without any help. I is a blind expedition.

Traversed without an idea. Completed the trip with a purpose.

That be me. That is Meena. I have achieved.

#TheBlindList and #Say YesToTheWorld










By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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