A Thing Of Beauty

It is the red colour ,
a very pleasant red,
vertical zari stripes
lie pronounced,

motifs of peacock
with released feathers
a dancing posture adorn
the borders.upper and lower..

The feathers decked
in ornate gems, of ruby,
emerald and sapphire,
look impressive.

The sharp beaks studded
with yellow diamonds,
seem to guard the ends,
an artistic arrangement.

while the pallu elaborates
a sketch of a resonating
infloresence, an exalting
status on the whole.

The texture being pure silk
elicits lustre and brilliance
forces the eyes to stay
never once able to cast away.

The piece of cloth is a sari
a masterpiece handwoven.
with the weaver spending
months to bring to perfection.

Going beyond the grandeur
lies the efforts of the weaver,
his skill is at zenith,
a painstaking attempt.

The silk from the worms
which feed on the mulberry
reared with care, the zari
is from pure silver,

Such being the craft
where one beats the other,
the raw material and the technique,
a master weave being the end product.

A portrayal of aesthetics,
one of chaste and style,
a grandeur, captivating the
eye and the soul.


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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