The Past Decade!

A decade of good and bad
has passed into history.

Saw many glories as well
as severe misery.

One can’t say
which got the most.

Yet all of us lived
with a smile and a sigh.

The world at large
has gone through .

expeditions to the moon,
looking at the constellation.

a series of bush fire, eyeing
the disaster of global warming.

one of loving embrace
together with shooting and killing.

the trade wars , one nation
restraining the other,

bigotry, partisan,
antagonism, devastate,

that be the affairs
cheer and fear

conjoin to make the world
a hell of heaven, a heaven of hell,

every decade rolls on with a gusto,
with a resolutions anew,

not to follow at any level
just to create in dimensions.

We live thinking of ourselves
not of the generation that comes behind.

a self conceited human race
occupies and demolishes,

both peace and environment
likely a deadliest weapon.