The festival of the year
concerned with harvest,
Pongal denotes thanksgiving

Favoured by the bright sun
and copious rain, the farmers
reap a bounty.

Lovely to see the farmers
stack the paddy. Happiness
is writ large on their faces,

A year long toil
requires a refreshment
in the form of celebration.

Every household in Tamil Nadu
begins the month of
“Thai ” by preparing sweet rice.

At dawn when the sun rises
decorated pots are kept over stoves,
back to the days of firewood.

The fire sends an aroma, the burning
of neem, mango twigs and coconut fronds
the pots shimmer in the light.

The water in the pot
gushes up and overwhelms
in froths.

It turns picturesque,
the earthen stove and pot
with elegant design,

the green stalk tied around
the neck of the pot with two
bulbs of turmeric looks fastidious.

The offerings and prayers follow
a token of gratitude to Nature
for the immense blessings.