A Disaster

My cell phone takes my life out,
I hear the caller
but my voice does
not go beyond, At one time
wanted to throw it,

I say hello,
the one on the other end
cannot hear me,
I shout with all my might.
the voice does not travel.

The mobile rings
without break. I answer
without fail. None could
hear me. Looks as though
I have become incognito.

I break my head to solve,
power off the phone
switch it on, restart,
how many times I did?
I really do not know.

Disgusted, I bury my head
into the net. Finally talk
talk to a human chat who gives
troubleshoots steps to follow.
I follow with difficulty, he
repeatedly asks are you there?

Got over the issue
three easy steps. It took
t ten minutes whereas I
had spent the whole day
starting and restarting
inserting and removing the SIM.