An Undesired Impact

Regions of the world are peculiar
in culture, food, traditions
should say another that of weather.

The areas around equator
hot throughout send the skin burning.
The precipitation of rains promise relief.

The respite being not pronounced
makes life horrible with persisting
perspiration and exhaustion.

Having been living partly in Malaysia
I experience an exasperation. The spirit
gets drained most part of the year,

The body turns dehydrated
amounts of water cannot compensate
the lost energy.

This time an outbreak of influenza
besieges with a template and force.
I go below the line.

Violent cough shakes me
sleepless I pass the nights,
almost for twenty two days.

Still not out of it fully
bouts of cough impact
with a desolation .

I am a shell of
what I was, bones
protruding, looking ghastly.