Horror In Excitement

The black bull bathed fresh
rushes out first with
horns painted red.

A garland of sevanthi
adorns Blackie’s neck, a
colourful pageantry,

Fire works mark
the inauguration.
Crackers explode.

Blackie stands prepared
his tail shoots up.
the eyes evoke fear.

Two young sturdy men
enter the arena in high spirits.
Blackie trots regally.

As the men reach him
Blackie growls. The fighters
take him from both back and front.

The bull is aroused He
overthrows the one in the front
kicks the man in the back

Both suffer grievous injury
They lie bleeding. Blackie
reveals a devastating appetite.

Races into the crowd,
rips a spectators skin
with his sharp horns.

The game turns violent.
men fall over each other
a stampede.

The famed bull fight,
known as” jallikattu”
sends chill down the spine.