Into an evocation
of my grandfather’s 
architectural elegance,
 the frescoes, the intrinsic
nuances as found 
in every part, the lines,
 the borders, the  designs,
the proportions, the space,
flow in a sequence.

Pouring over the plans,
 scrutinizing the details,
 I try to incorporate them 
in appropriate places.
The houses he built,
 the colleges he constructed,
 the textile mills he set up
talk volumes of his prowess.

My canvas being constrained
 I attempt to include them
as much as possible.
On completion, I look at them 
with awe, Did I do that?
 I ask myself. The pains, 
I endured to bring them 
into reality, lies beyond words.

Fetching materials, scouting 
 skilled  workers, sourcing funds. 
coordinating with enormous 
patience makes me exhausted.
 I am half of what I was few years ago.  
Worthy  and rewarding.