Om Shivaya

I stand on the banks of Ganges,
Awe inspiring, the river flows
in i silence, 

A little away I see  flames
The body of the dead 
being consumed.

The fire rises high  
 Stench and smoke

A few yards from there
 I espy men and women
 bathing .

In the middle of the river
dead bodies float
along with flowers.

looking around my eyes rest
 on a group of brahmins 
chanting slokas.

On the opposite direction 
 the temples bells chime
 pujas  are performed.

The Gods and Goddesses 
come out in  procession
the devotees follow

Om, Om, the humming,
 places me in a trance,
 eliciting the truth,

life and death are 
synonymous, truth   
 as seen around