Above And Beyond

The flow of the tide
in the Bay of Bengal
with a lightest noise
 a kind of humming
and  slightest  gradation
subtle and pensive
the colour of water
 being  at times pale  blue 
most dark, turns me spell bound .

 Raga Mohana  floats in the air 
 the  swarassa, ri, ga, pa ,tha, sa,
flows with such melody,
 the permutations 
and combinations of 
the swaras along with
 the alapana  invigorates.
Mellifluously divine  

 The  fathomless Ocean
 the rhapsody through the air,
  the rhythm of iambic pentameter 
 found in Shakespeare’s  sonnets.
corelate and corroborate, The  hot 
masala tea stimulates an elation.
 I feel I am at the top of the world.