A Little Of Gardening

The warm weather has set in
 being late February. trees 
shed their leaves.  Krishna,
 my gardener sweeps 
the whole morning.

He rests under the shade,
 stretching his body, fills 
the green wheel barrow
 with yellow leaves
Sweating, Krishna

pushes the barrow 
to the backyard, heaps 
allows them to dry.
Waters  periodically.
takes great care.

The leaves rot
turn dark, Krishna 
turns the pile  bringing 
the underneath  up
while the fresh go below.

It is home made manure
 organic in every sense. I ask him
to segregate them into finest, 
coarsest and  medium. Marks  
according to grade.

The finest is spread 
in the flower beds, 
the medium applied 
to the hedges, the coarsest 
go tot he trees.

All done with no fanfare,
 carried on for years
 by me in my garden
 I do not affix the tag
 Organic to my produce.