Disaster Syndrome

The swarm of bees
the batallion of insects
the herd of worms
come from nowhere
cling to the rose plant
stick on it so firm
as if held together
by a bond.

The plant being fecund
heavy with flowers and buds
quivers and quavers, struggles
to escape from the fastening
failing which it bows to pressure
the flowers droop
the petals fall down
the buds shrink.

The bees suck the nectar
the insects allow
none near the plant
the worms eat the roots
causing an havoc unprecedented.
The rose plant, stands
helpless alike the one
caught in an ambush,

The helplessness is striking
Can one identify the pandemic
which one encounter?. Apprehension
creates a dilemma. The withdrawals
being the bees, the agony likened
to the insects, the annihilation
synonymous of the worms,
humanity acquires the tedium
of the rose plant,