Dietary Indulgence

Reading maketh a full man -Bacon.

Voracious reading tempers the mind.

Reading the right material enriches thought.

Partaking  proper  food   energises our body.

Food also tones our feelings.

It radiates energy.

Vegetables provide the best fundamentals for a healthy diet.

The swiftest animal is horse.

It is an omnivorous species.

It consumes grass,grains, millet.

To denote the power of a machine ,we use horsepower.

All vegetables are rich in vitamins.

They contain all resources for the well being.

The  Jain vegetarian meal does not comprise of onions, garlic.

The Jain’s feel that these two ingredients arouse the  inappropriate pleasure in man.

Pure vegetarian diet culls the animal instincts in man.

A strict follower of this food is mostly away from crudities.

The withdrawl from non vegeterian dish-chicken ,lamb .pork and fish, render  him   most pleasant and genial.

This abstinence sharpens his Wit

His blood is not contaminated by foul fat.

It is free from cholesterol.

The flow in the blood vessel is even and regular.

His behaviour is most approved.

His posture is charming.

He deters himself from committing a sin.

He does not kill a fellow creature for his bread.

This refrainment requires a plausible accolade.




Heritage and Garbage

India is a land of diversity.

It is the birth place of two distinct religion, or better termed as cults-Jainism and Buddhism.

Hinduism is the most ancient religion.

it is the most tolerant  version of spirituality.

Christianity  was spread by the jesuits in India

Islam came into India with the Moghuls. 

India is known for its ahimsa as practised by Gandhi.

The gregarious temples profess a sign of bhakthi .

Tradition stii has its significance in this vast  country.

This ancient nation has been subjugated to treason recently.

Chennai ,the southern city of India,has been the receptacle of garbage from U.K

A town from Britain has exported its throw aways to this city,

To be more precise, the town authorities have sold their watse to a company.

This company has to recycle the plastic and other indisposable items.

As recycling   is expensive, 150 pounds per Metric tonne,the company decided to export it to India for a meagre amount of 49 pounds..

Chennai has become a dumping ground for U.K.waste.

The write up sent signal of sadness and anguish.

Britain had looted  India’s wealth.,while it colonised the country.

It had robbed India of its glory.

It had torn the faces of  Indians

It had decimated the Indian fortitude.

It is now engaged in shipping garbage.

Thus making the city stink..

Thus turning the environment unhealthy.

Thus depositing infection and disease.

Thus subduing the well being of the inhabitants.

This indulgence is a transgression,.

This is not true Christianity,

This is not what is found in the Holy Bible.

This is not one among the Ten  Commandments.

Leave India alone.

The poor country, with  all its misfortunes, is making a steady progress.

Its power is still unknown.

The Indian stoicism is misunderstood by the world at large.


where are you my big brother?

U.S is in turmoil.

It is nearer to recession.

10 banks have collapsed.

Fannie and Freddie have been taken over by Fed.

Lehman Bros is filing bankruptcy.

Disaster announcements are frequent.

The top officials are bitten by the bug.

Bank of America acquires Merrill .

It is a slow march towards trouble.

Elections are round the corner.

The incumbent ,a democrat or republican,has to perform.

He has to work round the clock to make the nation ticking.

It is facile to head a prosperous state.

It is onerous to lead a quake prone country.

U.S is in a delicate devolution.

The popular attribute to U.S was “a land of plenty”.

A jocular remark was prevelant in the last four decades..It said,

Even a donkey, which entered U.S ,without any travel documents, refused to cross the soil.

Now the land of riches is in a sordid state.

The land of opportunities is now a place of distortions.

The financials are in the brink of liquidation.

The future of the nation is bleak.

Arrogance ,audacity and imperialism have  given way to anguish, agony and peevishness.

The state has to mend its ways.

It has a laborious task ahead.

Quenching snobbishness, quelling war thirst and stabilising the quivering economy  will take the nation to its one time glory.

I wish you well, my ailing brother.



Fannie Freddie take over

The Federation has taken over the two mortgage companies.

Fannie and Freddie collapsed a few months ago.

Revamping is going on.

The chief has been sacked.

Nursing an unviable business back to health,is spectacular.

But ,disallowing the company to turn rot ,is prudence.

Stitch in time saves nine.

This is a very popular and pragmatic saying.

 Let us prevent mishaps,before they occur.

If the financials of the two companies had been managed well,disaster would not  have found its way.

There is lot of cheer in the market. Stocks soar,Upward movement is not only in U.S, but world over.

I sit back.

The top query in my mind is “How is it possible?”

The relevance of plausibility is irrelevant.

The destiny of the big companies is important.

They involve  transactions in bulk and in volume.

They embrace a multitude of share holders.

They anchor on the  nation’s credibility.

These answers refuse to  pacify my agitated mind.

The plight of the tax payer irks me.

I am pained.

Who will take care of him?

Will the federation ?-definitely no.

Will the treasury ?-certainly not..

There is no recourse for this poor man .

It is he ,who has filled the treasury’s coffers with his taxable income.

Alas  he turns a scape goat in the hands of top executives.

Power corrupts man.

Money dissolves him.

I see agony, more agony everywhere…


A stupefying election

The U.S. elections have got the steam.

Obama and Biden are representing the Democratic party.

McCain and Palin are Republican nominees.

The election  is well poised.

Age,gender,experience and charisma  are in perfect equation.

The  Republicans are in power for 10 years.

The economy is in a soup.

10 banks have failed.

Fannie and Freddie are in disaster.

Unemployment is rampant.

Salary cut is predominant.

Gasoline  price has shot up.

The nation is bleeding.

The republicans still have a chance to win.

In other countries,the ruling party would have been bowled over.

The opposition  will emerge victorious.

But ,we envisage a contrary picture in U.S.

Scandalising the opponents is a common phenomenon.

But we find an excess of such slander in U.S.

Palin is facing the brunt.

Unusual  bickering,and demoralising  epithets are flying .

Obama is also not spared.

A remark  about Obama “Black man in white  house.”is  wicked.

True,U.S.differs from the rest of the world .

The world .at large, is amazed.

The world,in entity,is  amused.

The world . is waiting for the results,with fingers crossed.


An exasperated embellishment.

What a day it was?

I had a meeting with my solicitor.

He is associated with our family for two decades.

He explained to us  our family partition details.

He is the most interesting story teller.

This deal has been narrated to us by so many persons.

But today’s presentation is the best.

His elaborate introspection made me gurgle.

Mind you, it is far easy to transact with intellegint people.

I am not blessed with such  a family.

There is a saying ,I know not in which language,

fight with people of equal status.

Status can be interpreted as soberity.

Quick  action ,sharp  thinking,fine understanding,amicable mentality will show tentative results.

Holding on to selfish intentions,crooked ideas, envious motives,spoil the show.

The corrupt mind leashes out unholy strategies.

The professionals garnish the episode with spices .

My learned solicitor is no exception.The twists and turns he gave was delightful.

A skilled chef garnishes his delicacy with spices.

My lawyer’s tale was embellished with falsities and digressions.

The drama enacted is the same.

The actors are different.

They appear and vanish.

Today it is the lawyer.

Tomorrow ,I know not who?

Partition goes on for years,.

India and Pakistan were divided in a weeks time.

The united soviet socilaist republic got disintegrated in no time.

But this miniature division is rattling into a decade.


Poor Palin.

Palin is a running mate for McCain in the U.S. Presidential election.

She maintained a low profile ,till last week.

She is the talk buzz,this week.

McCain ‘s announcement came as a surprise .

It was a strategic move.

Obama became a hero overnight,as some 75,000 people listened to his eloquence in rapt attention.

A few hours later Mccain broke the news, that Sarah palin  is his running mate.

This news served as a perfect antithesis to Obama’s powerful speech.

Sarah Palin was a mayor of a small town with 8500 people

She is now the Governor of Alaska.

So long ,so good.

The hell broke loose. after the announcement.

Pali shot to fame.

The media worked overtime.

The research revealed,that

Palin’s daughter is pregnant.

Palin’s fifth child is not her own , but her grandson.

The child is affected by down syndrome.

She flew all the way to Alaska to deliver the child.

Her family details are dissected.

Her political  experience is confined to U.S.

She is from a lowly town.

She is not a Washington elite.

She is ignorant of  international politics.

Palin is exposed suddenly to the world.

I feel,

dragging her family  out is wicked.

calling her a townswoman is unkind.

dubbing her as inexperienced is rude.

This  has an unwelcome significance.

This has an irreverential environment.



A little bird with large wings

Does it sound odd?

How can a little bird have large wings?

If it has ,then it is a peculiarity, an oddity,and an irregularity.

This caption depicts a community.shelved in far south of South India.

Well, coming to the subject, let me put in black and white the community’s name.

They are called Nagarathars. or rather popularly as Nattukottai chettiars.

They are small in number, but  gigantic in their deeds.

They are less than a hundred thousand.

The chettiars are a composition of tradition and modernity.

Their contribution to religion ,and education is enormous.

Most of the temples in Taminadu had been renovated by them.

They have two universities, Annamalai,and Alagappa.

The other Thiagarajar is in the offing.

The famous Meenakshi amman temple’s North Tower was built by the Vainagaram family.

These are all but  few examples of their munificence.

Coming to the more mundane things,this clan is offbeat.

Their recipies are mouth watery.

The variety in their menu will dwarf  the sophsticated hotels input .

The houses, better palaces ,are simply beautiful.

Beautiful is a very relative word to portray their grandeur.

The doors with innate frescoes are of BurmaTeak.

The mirrors  are from Belgium.

The tiles and fixtures are  from Italy.

The halls are bigger than  a banquet hall.

The raised platforms on either side of the entrance provides a cosy sitting for the guests.

The central part is open to the sky.

On four sides of thecentral portion runs a broad passage along which we find the private rooms .

This is followed by a  massive dining hall.

The rear portion has kitchens and store.

In most houses the first floor is a repetition of the ground floor.

These people were sea faring too.

They had set sail to Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia, Singapore,Saigon and Indo china.

There they had invested in rice fields , plantation real estates and money lending.

Their jewellery is a work of art.

Their collection of diamonds, rubies, emeralds,gold and silver is breathtaking.

Their accounting is extremely nostalgic.

They were faster than modern calculators.

Their memory was awesome. It was like a hard drive that is  found in computers.

Their money transaction were similar to the modern banking system.

They were perhaps more systematic,more genial.

Modern chettiars are replicas of their forefathers.

My metaphor relates to this small community with large  connections.


Black is beautiful

Americans have found a distinct leader in Obama.

He is a democrat nominee.

He is the most promising youngster.

Obama is on the way to the white house

I read  a very distasteful write up recently.

The comment “A black in White House”was stinking.

why not a Black?

Any American can aspire to the High office.

More so a black.

 Martin Luther King ,way back,in the 1960’s was a very potential human.

His memory is nostalgic.

Now  it is Obama.

His address to  the people was magnificent.

People ,who heard him talk, were swayed away by his oration.

It was not mere words.

It was impregnable with meaning.

 He said what he meant.

The African Americans did gather a basket of gold medals In the Olympics.

Their laurels made U.S proud.  

This context is not interrupted by  colour.

Is it not a wilful default.?

U.S is a  melting pot of different nations, alien cultures , multiple languages.

The roots of  all Americans are elsewhere.

How do they forget it?

Their subscription to colour is  an ignominy.

The slaves are masters now.



Professionals are a privileged few.

You find professional touch in all arenas.

Let me compile a few,

Make ups need an artistic touch.

Write ups need lucid style.

Cooking needs a culinary skill.

Singing needs a voice modulation.

Dancing needs a nimble footing.

Teaching needs a patient approach

Business needs a sharp acumen.

Art needs a creative impulse.

Sports needs a strenuous effort.

Entertainment needs a jugglery skill.

Oratory needs a command of the subject.

Poetry needs an unfathomable imagination.

Love needs a scrupulous affection.

Bravery needs an undaunted mind.

What not and what else.

Professionals  are a rarity 11