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At Last The Snails

The garden abounds with fresh vegetables,

Ripe tomatoes sweep the pathway ,

Green chillies hang  midway,

Eggplants bloom  in purple along the causeway,

Leafy cabbages represent a royalty all the way.


Rains fall  in a heavy downpour,

Flooding the garden in  an uninterrupted sway,

The lovely vegetables get soaked in a desolate gay,

The earth looks like a marshy  tray

Snails big and small move about in the way.


They go about in a pace so slow ,

Coiling and recoiling in a manner so graphic,

Drawing into their hard shells seem so specific,

Over a period they multiply in numeric,

The garden encounters a danger symbolic.


The water recedes gradually  ,

The soil   happens to look like a slushy muddle,

The vegetables lie rotten in the muddle,

The snails track down the puddle,

The garden appears like an unsolved riddle.