Which Is Better?

Managing the house 
on Sundays turns
 a nightmare.

My staff compulsorily
 go on leave on 

My plea asking 
them to alternate 
the days goes unheard.

 Assign Mondays for Krishna
tell Muthu to take leave 
on Tuesdays, so with Swamy and Lal.

They do not accede.
It is Sundays. Right from 
picking newspapers, milk,

and plucking flowers,
apart from cooking, cleaning,
locking,  I have to do.

I wish to thrash 
terminate their service ,
they being disobedient,

Sense prevails at the last 
moment cautioning me to be 

One day work, my mind tells me 
will become the weeks toil
then months and years strain.

Which is better? The thought 
frightens me, I shut my
mouth tight.