That Is How It Goes!

The five mango trees in the garden
 bear hundreds of mangoes 
each one has a different taste.
 sweet, bitter sweet, bitter.

Alphonso, Grape,  Malgoba .
Neelam stand tall  with 
branches spread wide. April
and May see the peak.

 As the fruits are turning yellow
I plan to harvest them.  Krishna,
 my gardener, comes early to pluck 
them with a netted  fruit plucker.

He marches like a hero,
with a head gear dhoti tucked tight, 
climbs  balances on a broad 
branch.  One by one. I cry.

 He brings  them down carefully
 arranges  in a bamboo basket,
 places the neem leaves  over each layer
to facilitate ripening.

Krishna, complains, half of the produce
have been  bitten. Squirrels  and birds 
play a havoc,  Nodding, I  say to myself 
a quarter of them  will be in your bag,   
That is how it is!