The Three Circles

A small round for the face,
 a bigger one for the middle,
another medium circle for the torso,
thin lines for hands and legs,
a curve for the mouth 
number three for ears,
handle denotes the nose,
marked by a sharp turn,  
a scribble on the head for  hair
that is how I drew 
as a child  a man 
or woman, man  was 
little long, woman 
 bit round.

I find children at this age 
of  photoshop trace likewise 
with  the fingers moving 
on the key board, the way 
 I did with a sharpened  pencil.
colour with ease, quick  and meticulous 
as against my work those days 
demanding patience and energy
going in even strokes  to achieve 
an uniformity.

Whatever be the mode 
the three circles hold fort
even when technology 
is at zenith .