This Day

Three guests today 
to an otherwise quiet day.
One comes to canvas 
for the election, the others
 seeking help for negotiations. 

 Election is not anything big 
but for an association of a mercantile 
community, Excitement  as seen 
in   his talk and every move
 turns infectious.

 I catch it unknowingly 
discuss with him, question 
him continuously.  After a time
 I realize that I am too nosy,
stop my garrulous talk,

He  gifts me a shawl
along with  fruits. All at once 
prostrates before me, I stand up
knowing not what to do. Dazed ,
 I wish him success.

Wondering how to reciprocate,
 I pull out  a brand new brass plate
 place some flowers,  vilva leaves 
 and lemons, The arrangement 
looks colourful, 

white jasmine  and red hibiscus  flowers,
 green leaves, yellow lemons.  I offer
the plate to him, he falls on his knees 
once again, embarrassed. I move 
away quickly.

lest I stay there for a while 
he would make me uneasy