The Ear Folds

The pencil  stuck right  
on the right ear fold
while the pen occupies 
the left counterpart,
I pull the pencil down. note
the denominations. the pen 
follows  for  the statements.

The ear folds, safe to keep 
the handy ones, as my table
 is messy with papers, bills, 
 books and the lap top.
I do manually first, carry
over while adding and 

  I jot down with the pencil
check, countercheck,
strike, insert,  over write
 with the pencil, indulge   
in erasing some, adding  
a few, finally inking 
the consolidated.

My ear folds start to hurt
turn red, as I hastily 
drag them and harshly
place them back, Most days 
I forget to remove them 
loiter the whole morning
 with them jutting out.