Thendayuthapani Temple Teluk Intan

I am at home, sullen and somber  
my mind  rushes to my second  home,  
crosses, intersects, enacts, encounters 
being in the limelight, of the Chitra Pournami
festival, I am addressed as Koil Amma.

I missed last year,  miss  this year too,
unable to fly due to the pandemic.
Visualizing the events of 2019
when my husband was at the helm
 the elaborate rituals, enticing offerings,

the Kavadis and pal kudams.. the feast
devotees with tonsured heads,
the cries arohara  reached the sky.,
I see the pictures of this year. 
which do not reflect  the grandeur.

Ceremonies  turn modest
devotees  are only a handful.
Lord Muruga   stays in his abode
does not  ride round the town
in the silver chariot.

The second wave  in India   
turns catastrophic.  Caged, I am 
 confined to home,  My mind  takes wings, 
travels unmasked to the banks of River Bidor
 where the Thendayuthapani temple stands.