As a toddler 
I hang around 
in the garden.
 with my siblings.

The garden abounds 
with roses and lilies.
Gorgeous I feel
to be one among them.

Growing up we argue,
 fight, hug  and kiss 
 stop talking, scream 
slap. i being the most docile.

Like a hurricane 
we behave mad. 
The branches snap 
so do we, break the ties. 

Adulthood brings 
both responsibilities
 and  maturity. An end 
to physical  abuse.

Unknowingly i find 
myself away from the troupe.
Like a lonely planet 
I revolve and rotate.

Relatives and friends 
turn to me, It is your 
individuality that hurts
calls one,

The other puts forth, it could 
be your financials,. My jaws fall 
apart, finances? I quip
She asserts, it is.

The last one retorts,
 it is your pride>
Pride! i exclaim
I possess none till now.

I smile though not with ease.
Like a Daffodil swaying in the breeze, 
in  the sweltering heat, I stray 
along crossing none of them.