Et Voila The Unphotographable

Pictures  of  people, smiling
 proud  of their might, 
 handing over cash, 
bank drafts, oxygen 
cylinders, concentrators,
food, gloves, masks, 
PPE kit, 

The overly rich have access 
to the top brass. immaculately 
dressed not forgetting to wear  
masks  rob the limelight 
with a fat package,

The second rung 
 hand over cash 
and kind to the  District 
Administrators. I presume  
the schedules to  be 
less heavy.

The Deputy officers 
receive from the third 
strata, must be  minimal
 say in thousands, Cameras 
capture the grin and pride
 of the giver.  

I think of the Doctors, 
Nurses, Drivers, Technicians, 
and the workers  in the graveyard.
pledging  their life,, toiling 
to revive the afflicted.

Their family  is  in  constant fear,  
death looms large, Sleepless eyes, 
aching arms, wry smiles,  go