A Visionary

The huge mass of a being
 behaves with a discipline 
year in and year out.

The one which spreads across
 extends a shelter, a kind of  support,
 to the passer by.

She sings with the wind, whistles 
when gentle, roars when fierce,
flexible as she could be.

Designing a carpet in appearance
 yellowish in  hue. during  mid February
 significant of an yearly occurrence.  

Come May, the creamy tiny flakes.
 lie like  a mantle over the terrain.
resemble an embroidered bed spread.
An aroma fills the air.
The bulb like speckles
some green  being unripe

others yellow fully grown
drop one by one in late July
then in two’s, three’s, in clusters 

 let out a pungent smell.
Bees and insects  suck the juice,
an army of  fleas emerge  in quick.

All from the great Neem  Tree.
Predominantly  cyclical it happens. 
never missed out  even erroneously.