Pal And Swamiji

Pal is associated 
with a religious mutt
where the Swamiji 
turns his devout. A reversal. 
instead he following 
the religious head. it is 
other way  round.
an incidental reference 
 to substantiate
Pal’s  skill.

Swamiji ‘s followers
 unable to toe with their Guru 
decide to quit. Pal  acts swift.
 Brings in his friends 
who, needless to say,
 possess the same 
qualities of Pal.
The mutt becomes 
 a society where discussions 
other than religion 
take place.

It becomes a center
for illegitimate conventions. 
Swamiji  becomes terminally ill.
Losing its identity the mutt
 heads for a closure. 
The funds and the building 
slip into the hands
 of anti social elements.
Amen to  God and Religion.