Scheming Pal

Pal is dangerous
breaks and destroys
whatever comes 
could be a business,
 could be a project.
 runs away when half done
 else  stays glued till he spoils.

As a boy having  to accompany 
his mom  in her travel
with tickets booked,
luggage ready, he 
refuses to come out however much 
his mom tries, he remains stubborn, 
Mom goes on her own.

Apparently unassuming, simple 
 treacherous  in heart,  he 
speaks soft like an angel
mind  schemes evil.
Framing his execution with dexterity 
makes  Raj believe he is nonpareil,
 a charmer, while Raj revels 
 Pal would have entrapped  him 
in an ambush from which  Raj
can never escape.