Adieu Pal

Having exhausted his manipulations
Pal in his living room looks at the art 
pieces his mom had carefully placed.
Each one tells an anecdote
that happened years ago.

Swans in light blue and white,
displayed on the  sides, stand 
for purity, love and majesty,
Lord Shiva placed between 
the display cabinets,

professes  destruction of evil
God of Justice  occupies
the center, Had Pal 
cast a look at anyone of them
his life would have turned significant. 

A library divides the living 
and the dining. Books being  
his dad’s collection, while the 
other side displays crockery,
porcelain and silver.

They remain untouched as Pal
spends time in aspects of life
destruction, creating 
chaos and fury, the ethereal  
does not fascinate him.

Leaving Pal at this juncture,
I turn to the exotic,
look at the lofty, think 
of the exquisite,  Thoughts 
of him stifle and choke.