A Slice

 Carefree and smiling  
 facing zero  impediments 
 at any moment,

Schooling done easy 
University being  facile
the outlook of life

brings in splendour,
happiness being 
the be all and end all.

Marriage follows, as is the 
tradition, with that heavy
responsibilities stream in.

Experiencing a cultural 
upheaval,  my enthusiasm 
dies all too soon.

Demands at  every corner, 
diffidence  always in sight 
forces a metamorphosis 
 forces a  metamorphosis.

I relinquish my endearing nature
 Did I become a shrew?
No, not exactly.

I count every penny,
weigh every turn of events,
think, think to the power of n.

Losing the spontaneity. I am overloaded
 carry a bundle of contradictions with
 a parcel of  contemplation.

Life has treated me  harsh.
My smile lives with me prescribing
 atypical connotations at  various stages.