Tha Thitha Thai Thithai Thalangu Thom

it is a  trip
away in a village,
 the basics being 
taken care of.

No Wi- fi- to connect
 to the world,  mobile
 catches the line
at nights,

 Being at home
looking at the greenery 
watching the pea cocks 
dance, the pea hens

running in circles  procedural 
temptation, The brood  runs 
across the garden pecking 
and picking worms.

No sooner the peacock
opens up its vibrant, colourful 
plumes  dances with measured
steps as if set to a cadence.

I start  with the jathis , 
thaa thithta  thai thithai 
thalangu  thom
 the dancer listens to the  
 rhythmic resonance,

The celestial dance commences 
Tha  the right foot strikes, Thai   left one goes up
the bird swings hearing Thalangu Thom 
the jathikattu progresses., momentum
picks up.  A genre of a competition

I play the role of the  nattuvanar  
Peacock swings, sways, circles
opening its feathers in slow motion,  I think,
if only Ravi  Varma was present!!

 Jathi  – beats (tha,thitha , thai thitthai , thalangu thom)
jathikattu — combination of beats,
nattuvanar — Dance master.