Man Differs Nature Preserves

It is families who lived together
uncles, aunts, grandparents,
all under a roof
partaking food together
participating in discussions,
confronting each other
all seemed possible 
few decades ago,

 These years two individuals 
 in apartments big or small 
express anger scream, shout,
hurl, throw things, release 
scorn, condemn one another 
conversation ceases,
the kitchen turns empty.
separation is initiated.

Wondering at such episodes
 I deliberate. I may sound 
 archaic,I look at the sun
 shining so beautifully, the clouds 
moving  in rows, the sky seems pleasing 
the ocean flows with subdued roar
 the mountains majestically bow over
 They profess no change whatsoever,

Time changes man alone.
Could be because of __-?
Really, I do not know.