Many More years

Deep into the mundane,
where finance overcomes.
 I write, strike, overwrite,
 rewrite and finally enter.

It is taxing as the taxation 
weighs heavy on the back,
 scroll up and down
 seeking loops to bring down,

a mind blowing effort
 keeps my fingers tapping
 while my toes stand up
 allowing me not a position

 both of sitting and standing.
 I pierce through the screen
 researching the tax formulas
 an exercise I am not familiar.

Hiring a tax consultant costs a fortune
not appointing an accountant 
turns expensive, I do,  not out  of passion
 but  to save  money.

As years advance, I have become
frugal,  develop an outlook, money 
 being the be all and end all
of life , as if I have many more 
years to go,