Better Not Tell Her Name

She takes everything
that  comes her way,
 lkne a greedy jackal
grabs almost all 
the does not come near,
aping a ferocious tiger
keeps them safe in her custody
in a fashion similar to  Shylock
 looks out for even more
her eyes continue revolving,
as  Macbeth keeps washing his 
hands to remove the stains  of blood.

With that much bounty she has
 she rests not in peace
 spites, condemns, and curses
 those of her kin accusing 
they have  abused her rights
 leaving  her with nothing
she could claim as her own.
 akin to the roaring lion.

 She has sold most  of her plunder
to settle her dues which has grown
out of proportion , interest multiplies 
in geometric progression, 
she has remained careless
as one who builds castles in air
 similar to Nero who fiddles happily
 while Rome  is burning.