Nadu Mutram

Crossing the parlour 
 entering the corridor 
that leads  to the nadu mutram
I stand amazed.

It is the tradition. 
it is the openness.
 it is the space where 
sun, moon and rain enter

that I longed for
that I  have done
though not as perfect
as the ancestral

a resemblance of the past
near similarity of the aesthetics
the black pillars,  the plantain 
flowers with the stalk atop,

a grandeur I behold
invites me to sit on the 
platform between the pillars
condescending I sit at ease 

 reclining  on one of them.
The sun strikes my face
gently, startled, I wake up
from my reverie.

I hear as if in an echo

“Your dream has come true,
 Are you happy? Do you want 
 still more? “

A human, I am, never satisfied. 
I visualize certain embellishments 
that have to be done,  rising up 
I hurry towards the goal.

Nadu Mutram — Courtyard,